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On-going Project: Ground Control Station

Blinky Learner 3

Wireless Induction Coils 

Automatic Trashcan

BANSHEE UAV (present - Robotics Lead)

On-going project apart of CPP BANSHEE UAV, to provide longer endurance time for drones. Robotics Ground System is designed as a pitstop for the drone to automonously land onto to replace its battery to provide an inifinte flight time.

Robotics Ground System consists of 3 sub-systems: Ground Control Station, Battery Transfer Pod and Battery Vending Machine. 

Blinky Learner 3
(2023 - personal)

LED chaser circuit. Project kit designed for CPP Hyperloop's soldering workshop to teach students how to solder. Designed on KiCad.

Wireless Induction Coil Power Transfer
(2022 - banshee uav)

Handmade copper coils. Designed to convert between DC and AC power to wirelessly transfer power.

Automatic Trashcan
(2022 - personal)

Arduino powered project that uses servo and ultra sonic sensor to open and close the trashcan accordingly.